Executive Committee

  • The GPSG Executive Committee (ExComm) consists of eight elected and/or appointed officers and two staff members. ExComm members are responsible for the organization and smooth functioning of GPSG Assembly and committee meetings, as well as other GPSG functions.
  • If you are a current IUB graduate or professional student interested in serving on ExComm, keep an eye out for elections in the spring semester, announcements of appointment openings, and GA vacancies for the hired staff positions in February of the spring semester.  Or contact iugpsg@indiana.edu for information if you would like to pursue a particular position.

Awards Committee

  • Members of the Awards Committee are responsible for reviewing applications for the GPSG Travel and Research Awards.
  • Contact the Awards Officer at gpsgawds@indiana.edu to serve on the Awards Committee.

Benefits Committee

  • The Benefits Committee works closely with our GPSG Benefits Officer to craft legislation regarding student health insurance and benefits for both mandatory and voluntary plans.
  • Contact the Benefits Officer at gpsgben@indiana.edu to get involved. 

Diversity Committee

  • The Diversity Committee works closely with our GPSG Diversity Officer to craft legislation and support diversity initiatives and organizations on the IU campus.
  • Contact the Diversity Officer at gpsgdiv@indiana.edu to get involved. 

Health and Wellness Committee

  • The Health and Wellness Committee will work closely with our GPSG Health and Wellness Officer to craft resolutions advocating for the improved awareness of student health issues and concerns on our campus.
  • Contact the Student Health and Wellness Committee Officer at gpsgwell@indiana.edu to get involved.

Sustainability Committee

  • The Sustainability Committee and its members focus their attentions on environmental sustainability-related issues concerning or effecting graduate students on campus.
  • Contact the Sustainability Officer at gpsgsust@indiana.edu to get involved.

GPSG Ambassadors 2020 Calendar Year

  • Parent-Student Ambassador: Abhimanyu Singh
  • Research Ambassador: Daniel Bullock
  • Veteran Ambassador: Seren Marley
  • Teaching Ambassador: Dee Degner
  • International Student Ambassador: Pallabi Bhowmick
  • Student Athlete Ambassador: Liza Serafino